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1 Latvia
Washington Latvian Legation Paper AS NEW 8vo. 
57pp. As New. No date (1987? 1988?) This booklet is the Latvian Legation's brief overview of the recent history of Latvia up to the date of publication. Included in the appendices are statements of the non recognition of the Soviet incorporation of Latvia, as made by various governments. The latest of the proclamations being that of Baltic Freedom Day. (Text in full) as signed by President R. Reagan) in 1987. 
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Cross  Road Country Latvia, Andersons , Edgars et al.
2 Andersons , Edgars et al. Cross Road Country Latvia
Waverly Latvju Gramata 1953 Hard Cover Very Good + No Jacket 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall 
386pp. Illustrated. Comprehensive bibliography. A very good, clean, bright, tight copy. Contributing authors : Edg. Andersons, K. Kalnins, J. Silins, B. Jirgensons. V. Berzkalns, J. Rudzitis, A. Silins, Arv. Svabe. Alb. Auza, Rud. G. Shillwes. "--- There is a great need for a general survey text on the geographical situation of Latvia, her economic and social problems, the history and culture of the nation, the activities of Latvians abroad, and the future outlook of the country ----- As as result, a comprehensive study is made of the country and its people, its natural resources and e4conomic life, its history and modern society." (Alfreds Berzins) 
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Album von Riga : I. Fünfundzwanzig Stahlstiche aus den fünfzehn Jahrgängen des Rigaschen Almanachs, Asmus, N(apoleon)
3 Asmus, N(apoleon) Album von Riga : I. Fünfundzwanzig Stahlstiche aus den fünfzehn Jahrgängen des Rigaschen Almanachs
Hannover - Dohren Nachdruck Harro v Hirschheydt 1975 Reprint Edition Hard Cover As New 
94pp. 25 illustrations. As new. Reprint of the 1871 Riga edition. Text in German. "Publicist and historiographer Napoleons Asmuss (1805 - 1879) compiled an album of 25 steel engravings with an informative text on the history of buildings in Riga. The work is an important historical evidence of the architecture of 19th century Riga, since not all buildings have survived." " Publicists un historiografs Napoleons Asmuss (1805 - 1879) albuma apkopojis 25 Rigas eku graviru attelus ar paskaidrojosu tekstu par eku vesturi. Darbs ir nozimiga lieciba par 19. gadsimta Rigas arhitekturu. Ne visas celtnes ir saglabajusas lidz musdienam." ( The European Library) 
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Latvia and the USA: From Captive Nation to Strategic Power, Auers, Daunis Editor
4 Auers, Daunis Editor Latvia and the USA: From Captive Nation to Strategic Power
Academic Press of the University of Latvia Pictorial Hardcover As New 
207 pp. An As New copy. "much of the book covers fresh ground and relies on new archival research, fresh survey data and interviews. ---The core of the book consists of nine substantive chapters split into two sections - one on "Latvia and America in the Twentieth Century", the other on "Contemporary Relations" ---The end of the book contains a useful collection of key documents and speeches" 
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The Latvian Legion  Selected Documents, Baltais, Mirdza Kate
5 Baltais, Mirdza Kate The Latvian Legion Selected Documents
Toronto Amber Printers and Publishers 1999 Soft Cover Very Good + 
169pp. A very good, clean, bright, tight copy. "Baltais's book casts considerable light on the situation of the Legion by examining it in terms of what really happened, rather than of political dogma. This involved consulting original documents, something that has been lacking in some analyses that have condemned all members of the Legion as war criminals by virtue of membership of the Legion alone. This book is well-organized and well written. It draws balanced conclusions and presents them in a highly readable form"(A.J. Cropley) 
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Latvian Poetry, Baumanis, Arturs [Compiled and Edited by]
6 Baumanis, Arturs [Compiled and Edited by] Latvian Poetry
Augsburg A. Baumanis 1946 Paper Cover Good + 
133pp. "An anthology of Latvian lyrics in English versions, including the Story of Latvian poetry with sidelights on the history of Latvia by ... J. Burtnieks. ( a substantial introductory essay ). Some minor age wear to cover. A good+, sound, solid clean but yellowed paper copy. 
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History of Latvia 100 years, Bleiere, Daina et al.
7 Bleiere, Daina et al. History of Latvia 100 years
Riga Society Domas Speks 2014 Second Edition Hard Cover NEW 
573pp. NEW. Unread, but with lower corners bumped, otherwise mint. This edition includes an aditional chapter covering the years 2004 - 3013 "This book is designed to help -- understand what happened here and why, what decisions were made and who made them, and what influences shaped Latvia and the Latvians in the 20th, century --- It has been prepared -- on the basis of both published and archival materials --- includes scholarly notes and a suggested bibliography. (Paul Goble) Heavy book. May require some additional postage. Sent from Riga. Please inquire. 
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Latvijas Vesture 20. Gadsimts, Bleiere, Daina; Butulis,  Ilgvars; Feldmanis, Inesis; Styranga, Aivars; Zunda, Antonijs
8 Bleiere, Daina; Butulis, Ilgvars; Feldmanis, Inesis; Styranga, Aivars; Zunda, Antonijs Latvijas Vesture 20. Gadsimts
Riga Jumava 2005 Pictorial Hardcover As New 
443pp. A very good, clean, bright, tight copy. Photographs. " Ir tapusi musdieniga gramata par valsts attistibu 20. gadsimta. Paveikts nozimigs darbs, kas paver iespejas plasai sabiedribai, akademiskai videi, skoleniem, studentiem, visiem tiem, kas interesejas par vesturi, ar gramatas palidzibu, iegut realu prieksstatu par notikumiem nesenaja pagatne."" ( Vaira Vike-Freiberga) 
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9 Blese, Ernests Storia Della Letteratura Lettone
Paper Cover Good 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall 
297pp. Nd. ( 1956?) Np. Some very light almost imperceptible staining to covers, uniformly aged, some very occasional fine underlinig not affecting text, else a very good, clean, tight copy. An overal survey of Latvian literature In Italian by noted Latvian linguist and academic, E. Blese with a dedication in the author''s hand on the title page : "Loti godatai A. Gailites kundzei dzila cieniba, originala autors 1957. 15. V" "( book may or may not have been published with the half title page) Appears to be scarce. "La traduzione dall'originale tedesco della presente opera, scritta dal Prof. Ernests Blese appositamente per il "Thesaurus Litterarum" e stata condotta da Maria Grazia Cocconi. 
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Ventspils 700 Rakstu Un Atminu Krajums., Celms, Arveds, Noritis, Rudolfs, Zvejnieks, Karlis. Editors
10 Celms, Arveds, Noritis, Rudolfs, Zvejnieks, Karlis. Editors Ventspils 700 Rakstu Un Atminu Krajums.
Toronto Ventspils 700 Gadu Jubilejas Atdzimsanas Iniciatoru Grupa 1990 Hard Cover Very Good + 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall 
203pp. 500 copies. Illustrated. A very good, clean, bright, tight copy. "Gramata--- kulturvesturiski dokumenti, atminas par Ventspili, daudz cittur nekur publicetu uznemumu ---" "Mes varam but lepni uz savu pilsetu un saviem braliem un masam, kas tur dzivoja un dzivos." (Red. kol.) 
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The Latvian Orthodox Church, Cherney, Alexander
11 Cherney, Alexander The Latvian Orthodox Church
Powys Stylite Publishing 1985 Trade Paperback Very Good 
119pp. References. A very good, clean copy. Small, light crease to top front cover " the [Latvian] Orthodox Church has often suffered persecution. This book traces the history of the Church from its beginnings..This book tells of the situation in the countries to which so many Latvians fled after the war, and there is a section on the major Orthodox churches in Latvia, illustrated with a unique series of photographs both of the exteriors and interiors. Many of these churches are now either destroyed or turned to secular use. There is also a chapter on the Orthodox Church in Lithuania, Estonia, Byelorussia, Finland and Poland." (Publisher) 
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Latvia and Latvians A People and a State in Ideas, Images and Symbols  Latvija Un Latviskais  Nacija Un Valsts Ideas, Telos Un Simbolos, Cimdina, Ausma; Hanovs, Deniss (compiled by)
12 Cimdina, Ausma; Hanovs, Deniss (compiled by) Latvia and Latvians A People and a State in Ideas, Images and Symbols Latvija Un Latviskais Nacija Un Valsts Ideas, Telos Un Simbolos
Riga Zinatne 2010 Paper Cover New 
285pp + 242 pp Text in English and Latvian."The purpose of this collection has not been to overview the historical developments for the 20-year period following the renewal of independence, but more so focusing on specific spiritual and intellectual aspects of life - its ideas, images, and symbols which, since the period of National Awakening in the mid 19th century, but especially at the beginning of the 20th century, have consciously or unconsciously created the ideological foundations for the nation and the state. Latvia and the Latvian dimension as it has been realised and recorded through its various symbols has become the subject for reflection through the looking glass of literature, theatre, art, religion, language and language politics." Interesting essays of a somewhat accademic bent. "Rakstu krajums veltits Latvijas Valsts atjaunotnes 20 gadiem. Autori, humanitaro un makslas zinatnu parstavji, rakstos pieversusies specifiskai garigas un intelektualas dzives jomai - idejam, teliem un simboliem, kas kops 20.gs. sakuma formejusi nacijas un valsts ideologisko pamatu. Par galveno refleksijas avotu krajuma kalpo literatura, teatra maksla, religija, valoda un tas politika." 
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Latvia In Transition, Dreifelds, Juris
13 Dreifelds, Juris Latvia In Transition
Cambridge University Press 1996 Soft Cover Very Good + 
214pp. Neat ownership sig. on ffe. else avery good, clean, tight copy "Of greatest concern, according to Dreifelds, is the need for Latvia to be constantly vigilant against its large neighbor to the east, and to develop a strong support network in the West of economic, and if necessary, military backing should Russia (again) become aggressive - this book is excellent for students and other readers wishing to gain a focused understanding of Latvian independence and its political, economic and social implications during the brief period from the late 1980s through the mid 1990s, and it provides as well a thoughtful discussion of the lasting effects of Stalinism and communism on modern Latvia." (Chicklegirl) 
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Gramata Par Saldu, Dunsdorfs, Edgars
14 Dunsdorfs, Edgars Gramata Par Saldu
Melbourne Karla Zarina Fonds 1995 Hard Cover Very Good + 
328pp. Illustrated. Eight page summary in English. Bibliography. A very good, clean, tight copy. " -- iznak Edgara Dunsdorfa lieldarbs par Saldu. Nav ne mazaka parspilejuma, sakot, ka tas ir autora muza darbs --- Edgara Dunsdorfa Gramata par Saldu ar savu cildeni aistetisko iekartojumu, ar neaptverami bagato faktu sakopojumu esejiski saistosa forma, autora atjautigais stils, literara rutina (varda vislabakaja, nesakompromiteta nozime), speja saturet milzigu materialu viegla parredzamiba - ta ir neapsaubama vertiba, tas mums ir priekturamas brunas pret letumu, modernu pavirsibu, zurnalistisku aptuvenibu." (J. Liepins) 
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15 Eksteins, Modris Walking Since Daybreak A Story of Eastern Europe Word War II and the Heart of Our Century
Toronto Key Porter Books 1999 First Edition Very Good + Very Good + 
258pp. Extensive notes, index. Photographs. In almost as new condition. " Part history, part autobiography.... tells the tragic story of the Baltic nations before, during and after World War II. Personal stories of the survival of Modris Ekstein's family members lend an intimate dimension to this vast narrative." (Key Porter) 
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100 Dizakie Un Svetakie, Enins, Guntis
16 Enins, Guntis 100 Dizakie Un Svetakie
Riga Lauku Avize 2008 Pictorial Hardcover Almost As New 
293pp. Profusely illustrated, Photographs, maps. Almost as New "Autors gramatai izvelejies Latvijas 100 dizkoku muza stastus. Tie ir izjutu piesatinati un vesta par pasiem resnakajiem, kuplakajiem, garakajiem, skaistakajiem un vesturiskaja piemina bagatakajiem koku vectetiniem. Stastijumu papildina koku vizitkarte: izmeri, vecums, adrese un precizas geografiskas koordinatas. Pie katra dikoka ir ievietota apkartnes karte, kura noradita ta atrasanas vieta un citi turistu iecieniti apmeklejuma objekti. Savukart gramatas ievaddala autors stasta par dizkoku vertibam, to ainavisko un kulturvesturisko nozimi, ievietota dizkoku kriteriju tabula, pamacibas, ka tos merit un aprupet. Gramata ir krasn,i ilustreta, to grezno gandriz 400 fotografiju. 
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Dzimtenes Ares Pa Majam, Tirgiem, Pilsetam, Freinats, Atis
17 Freinats, Atis Dzimtenes Ares Pa Majam, Tirgiem, Pilsetam
Brooklyn, NY Gramatu Draugs 1969 Hard Cover Very Good No Jacket K. Krauze; O. Noritis; J. Zeberins; M. Kovalevska; R.Kronbergs et. al. 
252pp. Illustrated. Some very light wear to spine extremities, else very good, clean, tight, bright copy. Atis Freinats - "Gramatizdevejs un rakstnieks 20.gadsimta 20-30-tajos gados, veicot gramatizplati-ta-ja darbu, apcelojis Latviju. Ar humoru un vieglu ironiju apraksta pa majam un tirgiem verotos notikumus un sastaptos cilvekus." (( Gulbenes biblioteka) 
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Latviesu Politiskas Partijas 60 Gados, Freivalds Osvalds
18 Freivalds Osvalds Latviesu Politiskas Partijas 60 Gados
Copenhagen Imanta 1961 Hard Cover Very Good + 
224pp. Photographs Brief presentation inscription on half title, else very good, clean copy. Partiju pirmsakumi un to darbiba Latvija un trimda. Latviesui politiskas darbibas pirmsakumi. Pirmas latviesu politiskas partijas. Kara laiks un Latvijas valsts nodibinasana. Politiskas partijas valsts nodibinasanas laika. Politiskas partijas Latvijas brivvalsts laika. Politiskas partijas zem krievu un vacu okupacijas. Politiskas partijas trimda. Citas politiskas institucijas trimda. 
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Rigas Vestures un Kugniecibas Muzejs. Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation. Das Rigaer Geschichts- und Schiffahrtsmuseum., Galvanovska, Ilona et al.
19 Galvanovska, Ilona et al. Rigas Vestures un Kugniecibas Muzejs. Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation. Das Rigaer Geschichts- und Schiffahrtsmuseum.
Riga Liesma 1990 Hard Cover Almost As New Almost As New 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall 
[256] pp. 500 illustrations. Printed in East Germany. Profusely illustrated in colour. Text in Latvian, English, German and Russian. In an attractive illustrated slipcase.. An excellent introduction to the Museum's collection and to the History of Riga. "The Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation is a remarkable collection including about 400,000 articles of artistic and historic value. The present edition gives an insight into the treasure-house of the Museum and acquaints the reader with the history of Riga." (Publisher) Heavy book, over 1kg. 
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Latvians And Jews Between Germany and Russia, Gordon, Frank
20 Gordon, Frank Latvians And Jews Between Germany and Russia
Stockholm Riga Toronto Memento - Daugavas Vanagi 2001 9187114089 / 9789187114083 Soft Cover Very Good 
136pp. Revised edition A very good, clean, tight clean copy. Translated into Englishby Vaiva Pukite and Janis Straubergs. " Historical facts mix with human prejudices, brazen lies, distorted perceptions, grievances, and vengeance. The rational mixes with the irrational....My purpose is to help the reader understand what actually happened in this time and place to the relationship between these two peoples." ( F. Gordon) 
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